Our Philosophy

Martial Arts Is The Flow From The Centre To The Circumference

From your centre to the circumference
Your centre is your heart.
The circumference is the interference of the ego on the centre.
The centre is unmoving and unmovable.

When an opposing force comes at you and you resist it
you are engaging in the play of the circumference.
Then you have two circumferences fighting with each other.
This accomplishes nothing.

Even if you happen to win the encounter you have still lost,
because you have only succeeded in strengthening your circumference.
This means being further away from your centre, your source, your self.

Train From Your Centre

We must train in such a way as to bring our centre into the encounter.
When the centre touches a circumference the circumference disappears.
A circumference cannot exist in the presence of the centre.

There is only one centre.
There are many circumferences.

The centre is everywhere
Circumferences are limited.

Circumferences use strength
The centre is the source of strength.

Fear is the food of the circumference
It creates it and sustains it.

Love is the key to the centre.
Only in Love can you enter into the centre
Only in Love can you let go of fear
and therefore let go of the circumference.

More Than Techniques

We practice many techniques and principles in our class.
They are very interesting, deep, powerful and lots of fun.

But the real lesson we will be learning is:
How to maintain a feeling of love
in the middle of receiving an act of aggression.
How to hold onto our centre when it is threatened
by the circumference.

This is a lesson we all need to learn.

The Enemy Disappears

When you realize your centre you will see that you have no enemy
Your enemy is really you
You are not separate.
You share the same spirit
There is no fight
There is no need for defense.

You are invincible.
Not because you are strong!
Or because you know a lot of techniques

But because your essence is infinite
Because you cannot be hurt
The real you cannot be hurt

Go into your training with this idea firmly in your heart
And you will see the miraculous occur

Go into your life with this in your heart
And you will overcome all obstacles
They will melt before you

And you will be free

Martial arts is the flow from the centre to the circumference.


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